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SI-Design was born from twenty years of experience in the design of 3D prototypes and CNC programming through the use of cad-cam software in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport and

metal-plastic moulding. 


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Rivenditori e centro assistenza

In Raise3D, l'obiettivo è ispirare il cambiamento a livello di settore progettando e costruendo stampanti 3D che estendono i limiti di ciò che è possibile per designer e produttori.


Dealers and service center


Always dealers and service center

At Raise3D, the goal is to inspire industry-wide change by designing and building 3D printers that push the boundaries of what is possible for designers and manufacturers.

Sharebot 3D printers are aimed at both the professional and desktop markets and are the ideal tool for optimizing the professional's workflow or transforming one's desk into a personal creative centre.

Enter our E-commerce

Enter our E-commerce


Rivenditori e centro assistenza


Layerloop è la prima  stampante 3D a al mondo in grado di produrre oggetti in serie che integrino al proprio interno tag RFID o NFC, attraverso una testina di stampa proprietaria e brevettata. 

Parte del focus tecnologico di questo sistema è stato orientato verso la conversione della stampa 3D a sistema desktop di produzione di piccoli lotti in serie in una vasta gamma di polimeri e tecnopolimeri plastici, sino ai compositi in fibra di carbonio.

Rivenditori e centro assistenza

Veri e propri CNC addittivi. Stampanti 3D con motori brushless, encoder assoluti, viti a ricircolo di sfere e guide con pattini su tutti gli assi, assenza di pulegge e cinghie, linea ethernet per il controllo e comando da remoto. Queste sono alcune caratteristiche della stampante 3D  Gimax . 

Pura innovazione che coinvolge la quasi totalità delle industrie, dei professionisti e degli artigiani consentendo sviluppi in qualsiasi settore produttivo.

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Enter our CAD-CAM E-commerce

Dealers, training, technical assistance and CNC programming for third parties

We make our knowledge and professional skills available to companies in the most varied sectors, providing them with innovative CAD-CAM solutions capable of speeding up the workflow.
Today our team of technicians, thanks to the vast experience gained over the years and in the "field", is able to support all companies in a reliable and constant way during their growth path; from software customization, to training courses on the product of interest, to on-line technical assistance on the end user's computer.
Our solutions therefore allow us to respond to the needs of each individual customer in the best possible way


Mastercam, like all Cam systems, requires a Post Processor, or rather a converter, which converts the calculation of the Cam made by Mastercam into CNC language for the various numerical controls.


We are able to supply a wide range of Post Processors (3 axes, 4 axes and 5 axes), for all Mastercam versions and with the possibility for the user to independently carry out some customizations.



About us

Fabio Bonvento

"Sharebot 3D printers dealer for Emilia Romagna. Stefano teaches "the art" of both additive and subtractive design. Excellent professionalto."

Simone Simonini

"Professionalism, excellent technical preparation, great availability of materials. Quality printers and excellent technical support."

Dallai SRL

"Yes, we started with the first 3D printer from scratch and now we have three, now they are irreplaceable in the company, Stefano, he is always on point and helps you if you have small problems with some interesting tricks. His experience and availability is that extra something that other printer suppliers don't have. Keep it up."


Can you 3D print if you don't have a file?

No, but you can create a 3D file through CAD modeling (3D CAD modeling) or by scanning an existing object (reverse engineering).

Can objects be printed in different materials?

Yes, the various technologies available on the market are constantly evolving and allow you to print objects in many materials, from epoxy resins to nylon, from ABS to rubber, up to metals. With some technologies it is even possible to print different colors or different materials simultaneously in the same project. However, it is important to bear in mind that the characteristics of a particular do not depend only on the material with which it is made, but also on the technology with which it is produced (e.g. injection molded ABS is very different from wire extruded ABS, cast metal is different from sintered metal).

What format should the files for 3D printing have?

The standard format is stl, but conversions are possible from numerous  interchange formats: igs, step, parasolid, obtainable from the most popular 3D CAD modeling software.


Grazie per l'iscrizione!

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