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About Us 


Stephen Iembo


General Manager, design expert,

training and planning.

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SI-Design was born from twenty years of experience in the design of 3D prototypes and CNC programming through the use of cad-cam software in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport and

metal-plastic moulding. 

Our goal is to give a 360° service to those who want to get from the idea to the finished object in the most efficient way thanks to new technologies such as 3D scanning, reverse engineering and subsequent 3D printing to touch the object firsthand of the final production of the series.

Our Mission

Know-how comes from experience!


With over 15 years of application and teaching of 3D design and the support of partners specialized in the use of different materials for 3D printing, we are present in various production and design realities. We distinguish ourselves for the competence with which we support our customers, especially in times of particular need or difficulty.

A constantly growing and updating market, in which many manufacturers are investing in the search for innovative materials. Knowing the characteristics to improve the result in 3D printing is the result of study and application in various areas of use: from design to mechanical prototyping, including biomedical, fashion, electronics,…
A growing sector, where 3D printing is becoming a work tool in daily operations.



Learn how the world's most innovative companies use digital fabrication for rapid prototyping and on-demand production. We serve a wide range of industries, with a highly diverse offering ranging from life-saving medical devices to aerospace engine components.


The concept of transparency was created to give value to the company's activity and include the consumer in the process; through it, the company can receive feedback from its customers and attract new ones.


Thanks to the latest modeling software, 3D printers and our platform, we can help you bring your vision to life, be it an image, an object or a new professional skill.

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